This weekend 10/14-10/15

Saturday 10/14 NESBA Melrose

11:30am Arrive at Medford High school and bring equipment to the top field

11:45am-3:00pm Rehearsal

3:00-3:30pm- Load trailer

3:30-4:30pm- Eat and get changed into uniform (please bring food to eat, students will not be allowed to leave or order food during this time)

4:30pm Bus leaves for Melrose High School

5:00pm- Arrival in Melrose

5:15pm- Warm Up

5:55pm- Gate

6:00pm- Performance

8:35pm- Award Ceremony

9:00pm- Leave Melrose and head back to MHS

*Students will call for a ride home when we get close to Medford.

*Students should bring plenty of snacks, drinks and comfy warm clothes to change into.



Sunday 10/15 MICCA Medford Clinic

12:00pm Arrive at Hormel Stadium and unload trailer

12:30pm Warm up/Fitchburg Band arrives

1:00-3:00pm Clinic with MICCA judges

3:00pm Cookout with Fitchburg Band and Judges

4:00pm Pack up, students need to be picked up at Hormel or make arrangements to get home.

*Students do not need to wear uniforms. Street clothes are fine as long as they are appropriate to march in and follow the MHS band handbook.


See you all at 11:30am on Saturday at the HS, Go Mustangs!