Trombone, A Player’s Guide

  • A production by the United States Field Band, Topics Covered: Introduction, History of the Trombone, Tools of the Art, Assembly and Maintenance, Breathing and Buzzing Basics, The Warm-Up, Basic Articulation, Slide Technique, Tuning, Style and Versatility

London Symphony Orchestra Master Class

Trombone Masterclass with Ralph Sauer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Trombone Slide Technique with Deborah Weisz
Proper Breathing Techniques with Deborah Weisz

Great Trombone Listening

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra low brass section performs:

Southeast Trombone Symposium Professor’s Choir performs:

Columbus State University Trombone Choir performs:

Hip-Bone Music Online Brass Instruction from some of today’s top players